Vacation Rentals in Portugal

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A country with a high quality of life, a country that is highly developed, a country with top health-care systems, a country that is one of the most globalized and peaceful, a country that is a very important member of the European Union and NATO, well the country is Portugal, with its capital Lisbon. Portugal is all of the above and more. So you can imagine, how good a Portuguese vacation home would be. On a Portuguese vacation you would experience an amalgamation of a Mediterranean climate; which in other words means warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters, and a semi-arid climate; which in other words means hot, sometimes extremely hot, summers and mild to warm winters. As a matter of fact, Portugal is one of the warmest European countries. Reaching your dream holiday destination and making yourself comfortable in a beautiful Portuguese vacation home might be easier than you think; this is owing to the fact that Portugal has excellent air connectivity, with three international airports located near its principal cities of Lisbon, Porto and Faro. In addition, Lisbon's geographical position makes it a stopover for many foreign airlines at several airports within the country. The flagship Portuguese carrier is TAP Portugal, and apart from the official carrier there are a number of other domestic airlines that provide services within and without the country. The fact that the county is extremely well connected internally by road and rail, augers mention. Portugal is a nation which truly showcases the fact that architecture and nature go hand in hand; with breathtaking villas and cottages that are located in the lap of nature, and it's out of these that you can choose your ideal Portuguese vacation home. In fact, you would be left wondering, if it's the accommodation or where it's located at, that has left you more spellbound. Portugal is an ideal tourist destination, because it caters to tourists of every kind, but here are a few destinations that no tourist can afford to miss, whatever be his/her preference: Belem: This is the very place from where Magellan and Vasco Da Gama set sail to explore the known world, if that isn't reason enough, the scintillating monuments and the serenity of the area would be reason enough, to make this place a part of your holiday itinerary. National Palace of Pena: A UNESCO world heritage site ,reason enough for you to pay this place a visit, and if you still aren't sold here is a quote from Lord Byron himself ?I must just observe that the village of Cintra in Estremadura is the most beautiful in the world.? It needs to be added that the palace overlooks the village of Cintra, need we say more? Costa Vincentina National Park: If it's some romance you crave, an evening here will remain imprinted in your memory for your lifetime, and it's not just the ambient natural beauty but also the sunset, its beauty might have inspired many a poet. Azores: If you ever were under the impression that you could get tired of exploring and soaking in nature, Azores would surely prove you wrong, in fact you would concede hands down, that the sun kissed mountains, the carpet of exotic flowers and lush green grass, and cloud kissing hills are a sight right out of an artist's dream. If they say Switzerland is paradise, Azores is the place where people who stay in paradise go for a vacation. The places mentioned above are but a drop in the ocean, compared to the many sights and activities Portugal has to offer, but to really experience Portugal you have to begin by making reservations for one of those beautiful Portuguese vacation home choices, plan your travel itinerary and on the first available opportunity end up there. In fact, once you have actually flavored the true essence of Portugal, there is a risk of you not wanting to leave.

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Vacation Rentals in Hungary

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Situated in the center of Europe, a Hungary vacation will give you a unique historical experience. For hundreds of years Hungary was occupied by many different cultures from the Romans, to the Mongols, to the Turks until finally in the late 1900's the country came into its own. This has left a huge range of architecture and historical sites in just about every city from Sopron in the northwest to Miskolc in the east. Hungary offers the vacationer an incredible glimpse of the past with its many basilicas in places like Esztergom and Pannonhalma, castles in Siklos and Simontornya, and museums in Kecskemet and Pecs as well as a taste of the present in Budapest. With breathtaking mountains, lakes and countryside this country has it all. With hundreds of miles of shoreline along the lakes and rivers, a Hungary holiday can be filled with fishing, beaches, sailing and cruising. These are all wonderful ways to spend your days in places like Sosto or the Balaton Region. A cabin rental near the thermal springs in places like Balf and Debrecen can offer an unusual and therapeutic way to spend the time on your vacation. The landscape throughout Hungary can be seen in one of the many National Parks, nature reserves or protected areas in cities like Koszeg and Szarvas. From Rolling Hills, forests, plains, raging rivers to caves there is plenty to be explored. With a villa rental in any region these natural wonders are just a short drive away. Vill?ny-Sikl?s Wine Road in the southern region of Hungary will take you through towns that are overflowing with hospitality, quaint cafes, beautiful landscape and award winning wine. This is a wonderful way to explore the local countryside, small villages and all of the traditions of the Hungarian people. Whether you want to take a tour, bike or walk your rental villa can put you in the heart of the Wine country. And last but definitely not least, Budapest. Budapest is a modern city where you can enjoy the Danube River in all its glory while on a river cruise, shop in the trendy stores along Grand Boulevard, dine in fabulous restaurants and still take a glimpse back in time by visiting a royal palace or Mathias Church. Hungarian travel destinations are incredibly diverse in what they to offer. You can experience hilly terrain, you can lounge on a beach, stroll through Wine country or cruise the Danube. Your Hungary vacation accommodation is just waiting to be booked.

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Vacation Rentals in Italy

Find a Vacation Rental in Italy

An Italy vacation is what dreams are made of: a history buffs delight, an adventure enthusiasts' amusement park, and a travelers' treat. A holiday home can put you right in the heart of the historical wonders of this country which are awe-inspiring. What's left of the Roman Empire can be seen at the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome. Masterpieces of the renaissance movement can be seen at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence which holds Michelangelo's famed sculpture of David. Florence is also home to the works of Da Vinci and Dante. Or you could visit Genoa the home of Christopher Columbus. One can not mention a historical Italy without boasting of the leaning tower located in Pisa. Ancient Greece is also a part of Italy in Sicily where there are architectural wonders and Greek temples to explore. There are also countless museums and cathedrals in cities such as Bologna, Turin, Genoa and Cesena to name just a few. The history is endless in Italy and will leave any history buff with a feeling of contentment. An Italian vacation villa can also house the passionate adventurer. With some of the best hiking and skiing available in the Italian Alps and such stunning coastlines and islands there is never a dull moment. Skiing in the winter and mountain climbing in the summer can also be found all throughout this beautiful country. Some areas that offer these activities are Cervinia and Torino in the north, Mt. Etna in the south and Albruzzo in central Italy. The unusual beaches of Sorrento and Capri also offer great activities such as boating and trekking through the lush hills. Oh the beauty of being away from the cares of everyday life and experiencing new sights, tastes and cultures. For the traveler in you there are so many things to see and do in Italy. We've covered the historical and adventuresome sides to Italy, but there is so much more. The shopping in Milan or Naples is some of the best in the world. You can go on wine tastings in the Tuscany and Umbria regions or enjoy the nightlife at pubs and bars in Rome or Sorrento. The extensive waterways and palaces of Venice make this city a must as well. The Italians are serious about there food too. So no matter where your villa rental is you are sure to have some of the finest Italian cuisine very close by. Italian holiday homes to rent are sure to offer a vacation of a lifetime in this charming country.

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Vacation Rentals in Argentina

Find a Vacation Rental in Argentina

To give you a taste of Argentina, here are a few facts; Argentina means 'land of silver.' Argentina is one of the largest producers of wines since the 16th century and has around 1800 wineries. It is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of area. Argentina declared independence from Spain on the 9th of July, 1816. The world's first animated films were made and released in this South American country, by a man named Quirino Cristiani in 1917. Argentina is the 30th largest country in the world by population, with just over 40 million people. Buenos Aires is its largest city and also the capital. When in Argentina, you experience a subtropical climate in the north, characterized by a relatively warm to mild winters, and comparatively hot summers. Whereas, in the far south of the country, you would experience a sub polar climate, characterized by long, usually very cold winters, and short, cool to mild summers. Finding a vacation rental while travelling in Argentina is surprisingly easy; thanks to an intricate and a well connected network of roadways, railways and airways that connects this fairly large country. Buenos Aires is the most important flight hub, but for both economical and geographical reasons, there are flights between important cities, such as C?rdoba, Rosario and Mendoza. After having rejuvenated yourself in your Argentina vacation rental, you can commence your Argentina experience with a visit to the Iguazu Falls. After witnessing the Iguazu Falls, you would concede to the fact that the more celebrated Niagara Falls in USA pales in comparison to this gargantuan natural phenomenon. Witnessing these falls would give you a feeling of truly having experienced one of the wonders of the world. Next on your itinerary should be Mendoza, a place rechristened as the Napa Valley of Argentina. The region combines the perfect balance of fertile soils and temperature to raise some of the finest varieties of wine in the world. You can take a wine tour in the region, go white water rafting, take a look at the unique Inca Bridge, and most importantly go para-gliding through the Andes Mountains. Buenos Aires is another obvious destination for every discerning tourist. Known as the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires beckons with its unmistakable European charm. This cosmopolitan city shall entice you with great parties that carry on till sunrise, great restaurants where you can try some of the best meat in the world, and great activities in the streets such as tango dancing! If nature beckons you, checking out the Glaciers and the Andes Mountains would be a great idea. Here you can bear witness to the highest peak in western hemisphere. Activities in the form of hiking and even mountain climbing would surely make you feel one with mother earth. Glaciers in Calafate will astound you and the views from the peaks will truly whisk your breath away. If you want to see penguins in the flesh, and not on some travel show or an animation film, visit the coasts of the cities of Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia, here you shall get to see penguins galore. You can even interact with Penguins and the Sea Lions, walk among the colonies of a million penguins and touch and play with Sea Lions. It's an experience that is truly unparalleled. With so much diversity, in terms of activities, sightseeing and adventure, you need to ask yourself, if you can truly afford to miss out on the Argentina experience. If your answer is no, then whip out your travel bags, plan your travel itinerary, book yourself a comfortable Argentina vacation rental, and be on your way.

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Vacation Rentals in Brazil

Find a Vacation Rental in Brazil

Brazil is a vast country in South America with beautiful beaches, electrifying nightlife, excellent cuisine, friendly locals and scenery that is unparalleled. Rent a vacation home in Brazil and be amazed at the diversity of exciting things to see and do! As Brazil is the largest country in South America, there is no shortage of places to visits and sights to see. Starting from the west, the most uninhabited area of Brazil, and probably the best place for nature lovers you will find the Amazonia region. This region is home to the second largest river in the world, The Amazon. In Manaus the traveler can witness the beginnings of the river at ?The Meeting of the Waters?, where the black waters of the Rio Negro meet the clay-colored waters of the Rio Solimoes. There are many cruises and excursions offered so that you can explore the countless sights of this beautiful river. The other natural wonder of this region is the Amazon Rain Forest, where you can see thousands of plants, animals and insects of all different shapes, sizes and colors. Vacation destinations across this western region can put you right in the middle of jungle terrain in places like Cruzeiro do Sul and Tefe. In addition to these amazing places is the Pantanal, the worlds' largest wetland, an untouched and natural area that is calling out to the nature lover in you to come and explore. The city of Cuiaba is near the Pantanal and offers activities such as fishing and skydiving as well as being a great central location to visit mountains, savannahs, rivers and rainforests. Close by is the city of Foz do Iguassu where you can visit the most spectacular waterfalls in existence. A holiday trip to any of these destinations is sure not to disappoint. Brazil is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The tropical weather also means these beaches are enjoyable any time of the year. No matter where your holiday home is located along the Atlantic Coastline of Brazil, from Sao Luis in the north to Salvador on the Central Coast to Copacabana in the south you will not be disappointed. Another very popular reason to take a Brazil vacation is for the nightlife. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Florianopolis are just a few of the cities that offer the world-renowned party scene. From quaint local pubs to full-scale dance clubs, upscale to relaxing you are sure to find what you are looking for. Live music, dancing, food and drink are available all night long in many Brazilian cities. Not only does Brazil offer breathtaking scenery and bustling nightlife but also amazing local cuisine. Celebrated throughout the world for its fare every visitor must take the time to try the local treats not only in the form of food, but also drink! With such lush countryside the Brazilians have considerable varieties of fruits and meat and of course coffee and choppe. When you have a rental villa in Fortaleza or Espirito Santo the flavors of Brazil are sure to amaze. Travel deals and the abundance of holiday villas will make sure you have the best start to your Brazilian vacation which will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

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