Top Travel Destinations for Easter Vacations

easter-vacation-destinationsAfter a long and bitter winter in many parts of North America and Europe, spring seems to hold special promise this year. From the lush, rolling hills of Pennsylvania to the shores of sunny Greece, April extends an invitation to revel in the renewed beauties of nature and share the festivities of cities awakening from winter’s grip. Rich with both religious and secular meaning, the Easter holiday is a perfect chance to travel. Here are our top recommendations for Easter travel:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Easter Bunny hops into town in North Myrtle … continue reading

Your Leisure “Home Away From Home” – Advantages of Vacation Rentals

advantages-vacation-rentalsVacation rentals – they’re not just for the beach anymore.

As many savvy travelers know, renting a vacation villa or condo can often be more cost-effective and offer a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation than the conventional choice of staying in a hotel. But, because vacation villas are so closely associated with the seashore, many people don’t realize the wide range of locales in which rentals can be found.

In reality, vacation rentals are becoming more and more common worldwide. Whether you hope to stay at the edge of the Costa Rican rainforest, in … continue reading

Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Travel Adventure

new-years-travel-resolutionsIt may be hard to believe that 2013 is already over. Have you accomplished your traveling goals for the year? Did you make a dent in your bucket list? Were you able to do everything that you wanted this year? We suggest that you make a New Year’s Resolution to get your 2014 travel plans in order now. To help you get started with your planning, here are five fascinating destinations that top our travel list for 2014.

Istanbul, Turkey

This city is both ancient and modern, straddles two continents, and provides something for … continue reading

Top Destinations for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

new-years-eve-destinationsNew Year’s Eve is synonymous with fun, and what’s a better way to have a great time than visiting a vacation destination? Events and attractions abound throughout the world to celebrate. We’ve compiled suggestions that are appropriate for the young, mature, individuals, and families. Which destination speaks to you?

Disneyland (Orange County, CA)

If you haven’t experienced the magical world of Disneyland, New Year’s Eve is an apropos time! Fireworks and animation go hand-in-hand to create a scene that will make you feel like you’re in a Disney movie. Seasonal shows occur throughout the … continue reading

Ten Unforgettable Winter Holiday Destinations

winter-holiday-destinationsWhether the winter vacation of your dreams features snowy streets and caroling choirs or warm sunshine and a lilting samba beat, you will find plenty of beauty, holiday cheer, and charm in these scenic locales.  With comfortable accommodations nearby, you’re free to enjoy all the pleasures of the season.

Quebec City: Winter Wonderland

With its cobblestone alleys, twinkling lights, and mantle of snow, Quebec City offers an ideal setting for family-friendly winter leisure activities. From December 20th through January 20th, “QuebecAdabra!” – an interactive lighting display – enlivens the city’s streets. Visit the Christmas … continue reading

Thanksgiving Travel Hotspots

thanksgiving-travel-hotspotsWhen you think of a traditional Thanksgiving, you probably think of an afternoon spent at home or at a relative’s. Why not make it memorable this year and travel to one of the country’s premier destinations? America’s hot spots offer unique holiday experiences to give you Turkey Day memories that will last a lifetime.

We have a few suggestions…


The Macy’s Parade is a celebrated Thanksgiving tradition that happens in the heart of New York City. You could be there in-person this year rather than watching it on T.V. to experience the floats and … continue reading

Where to Watch the Leaves Change

watching-the-leaves-changeAs summer comes to an end, nature prepares to stage its annual display of spectacular fall foliage. The first flickers of color become a blaze as roadside forests ignite into radiant oranges, bright yellows, and vibrant reds, dazzling the eye and giving rise to opportunities for unforgettable drives and hikes. To experience fall scenery at its best, visit one or more of these autumn vacation meccas.  With comfortable, convenient accommodations nearby, you’ll find it easy to relax and revel in nature’s brilliant handiwork.

The Catskills: An Autumn Work of Art

The Catskill Mountains of … continue reading

Top Travel Destinations for Labor Day 2013

labor-day-destinationsAs Labor Day weekend beckons, you may be looking for the perfect getaway to help you commemorate the end of summer. Whether you choose sunny California, the forests of Ohio, or scenic Lake Superior, there’s plenty of beauty, fun, and adventure to help you end the season on a high note. Knowing you have comfortable accommodations nearby makes it easy to plan an unforgettable Labor Day Weekend vacation.

Lake Tahoe: Pyrotechnics on Display

Lake Tahoe, with its scenic mountain peaks, towering pines, and pristine blue water, is a vacationer’s paradise any time of year. … continue reading