Ever wanted to sleep in Harry Potter’s Bedroom?

Have your kids ever dreamt of waking up in their very own Harry Potter themed bedroom or maybe even playing in a Disney styled games room? Perhaps you’ve imagined yourself curling up with a good book in an 18th century study or waking to the delights of a French themed boudoir?

Whether we’re talking about your permanent home or your vacation home, why not create a bold statement by styling a room to give it a unique visual theme. Adding a few small touches can create a subtle themed room or you could go all the way and create a complete all-out fantasy room! When it comes to creating a theme for your room the sky’s the limit. You could turn the most mundane surroundings into the most spectacular place you’re able to imagine. Your imagination really is the only thing that can hold you back, whether you have big money to spend or you’re working on a nickel and dime budget.

Harry Potter BedroomHarry Potter BedsWould your kids like to stay in one of the bedrooms in the Harry Potter castle surrounded by magic and mystery? Or do they love airplanes and dream of one day becoming a pilot? If you own a vacation home near to Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California then perhaps your guests would enjoy being completely immersed in the magic of Disney and all its characters with a unique Disney themed bedroom. You can take the excitement of many different ideas and places and create the ultimate bedroom or playroom in your vacation home for the benefit of your family and guests alike.

Some ideas on how you could create your very own Harry Potter themed room can be found here:


For the budding airplane enthusiast, fly on over to:


Or for all things Disney, check out this great article and video:


It’s important to remember that it’s not just bedrooms that can be turned into your ultimate favorite place, book or film. You can create a theme for your study, living room, games room or even your home theater. There is some fantastic inspiration for your home movie theater here:


Instead of seeing the same old white walls you could spruce up your vacation home with a themed room where your guests will be immediately transported into a magical environment that makes their vacation even more thrilling.  A number of studies have shown that, whether we realize it or not, our surroundings affect our mood and creativity. So wouldn’t it be great to work on your next novel or more likely check your emails in a dark but luminescent 19th century study just the way Victor Hugo worked? It’s so easy to make a themed room in your home and be transported from the stresses of everyday life into a fantasy space. Whatever your guilty pleasure you can enhance the ambiance of your vacation home by having an exciting themed room.

We’d love to hear your feedback on our suggestions and here more ideas for creating themed living spaces. If you have a themed room or rooms in your vacation home then please let us know by leaving a comment below, or if you’ve stayed in a home with a themed room let us know your opinions (good or bad!) to share with other guests and vacation home owners!

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